UW 2014 National Philanthropy Presentation & More UW Coverage on our Totolima Footbridge

After being asked to present at the University of Waterloo’s National Philanthropy Day (NPD) 2014 lunchtime lecture, Relja and Marianne enthusiastically worked to get together a one-hour presentation about their trip to Totolima, Bolivia. They connected their adventure to the overall vision of philanthropy that this chapter strives on spreading. The audience was composed of Staff, Alumni, Faculty, and Retirees of Waterloo who were invited to hear what UW students are doing in relation to Philanthropy. In addition, many of our sponsors attended the presentation. This year, they defined philanthropy as the love of people, and on November 12, 2014, Marianne and Relja shared their love for the people in Totolima. Here are some photos of our presenters in action:

Marianne and Relja presenting for National Philanthropy Day

Relja and Marianne presenting at the UW 2014 NPD (National Philanthropy Day) lecture

Relja and Marianne presenting for National Philanthropy Day

Marianne and Relja explaining the steps taken to build the Totolima footbridge.

Relja and Marianne had a great time sharing their experience and meeting some of our supporters.

Relja states, “For me, it was a great opportunity to showcase our successes and the inspiring work B2P and our chapter does and is still continuing to do.”

Seeing how well the presentation was received, we plan to attend and host more events like this.

The University of Waterloo also made a video on our trip to Totolima in honour of National Philanthropy Day. You can view it here: http://youtu.be/wKQVNpuhhgg

After our travel team’s return, the university also wrote a article summarizing our trip: https://uwaterloo.ca/alumni/node/2544

We will work hard to get our next footbridge with our future community to reach the same successes as we did with Totolima!

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