About Project Chimoré

Hey everyone! Here is a little more information on the area for which the 2015 bridge will be built and the lives this project will impact within the community.

In August 2015, University of Waterloo Bridges to Prosperity will be going to Chimoré, Bolivia to help build a suspended pedestrian bridge, with the community, that will span 80 meters over one of the main rivers in the area. The river separates the community from basic services in surrounding and larger towns and cities.


A massive contributor to the community’s economy is fish-farming and agriculture. The bridge will give farmers a chance to trade and sell their products in Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, as well as more local markets. In addition, many children in the area are currently unable to go school without being forced to cross the river. However, they will soon have access to the school in Chimoré, which lies across the river, where they can learn, play, and one day help provide for their family. Medical clinics aren’t readily accessible in this part of the country either, so the bridge would also help locals gain access to hospitals located in La Paz and Cochabamba. The pedestrian bridge could bring endless possibilities to the community and will give hope and excitement to many in the area.


The whole team is very excited and humbled to be a part of this amazing opportunity. We hope you can all share in the experience with us by keeping up to date, so stay tuned for more frequent updates on the project as well as fundraising and fun activities.

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