Travel Team Update

We are happy to announce that a travel team has been selected to travel to Chimoré, Bolivia this coming August 2015! The 2015 travel team from the University of Waterloo consists of the following members:

  • Marc Johnson- Project Manager
  • Kevin Honsberger- Construction Manager
  • Diana Valdés Valle- Relations Manager
  • Kunjan Mehta- Safety Manager
  • Kathy Lin- Technical Manager
  • Emma Inacio- Quality Control Manager

In addition, two University of Toronto students, as well as two Technical Mentors will also be attending Bolivia as part of the 2015 travel team. Alongside the University of Waterloo students, the two University of Toronto students will be taking on the roles of project manager and technical manager.

Some of the responsibilities for the various roles include:

Project Manager: responsible for coordinating the project such as logistics, scheduling, material procurement, and oversight of their fellow team members under their authority

Construction Manager: responsible for executing the construction plan throughout the entire project

Relations Manager: will be responsible for all communications done between the travel team members and the local vendors, and community workers

Quality Control Manager: responsible for making sure that all materials for the design meet the proper requirements

Safety Coordinator: responsible for ensuring that all safety equipment is operable, and that team members wear all personal protective equipment during all stages of construction

Technical Mentor: responsible for providing support for challenging construction tasks, as well as any design issues

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