A New Year – A New Goal

It’s a new year! Full of the potential to get healthier, grow stronger, and help those in need. So much has happened in the last few months, and we’re so excited to share it all with you!

Our team got back from Chimore in August 2015.

Here's a picture of them leaving.

Here’s a picture of them leaving.

They spent three weeks in Bolivia, and during that time, our team constructed the tiers for the bridge. Two members of the UofT chapter joined our team for the build. This experience was meant to be a mentorship opportunity for us to assist UofT in establishing their chapter and understanding how all the fundraising, sponsorship, and bridge building process worked.


Our team with our UofT counterparts in front of the completed tiers.

Although the weather was not optimal for the build, the team and the community kept their spirits up and managed to get a lot of work done!

The base of the tiers.

The base of the tiers.

Building the tiers up!

Building the tiers up!

Throughout their time there, the team also got to hang out with the community and explore the city as they traveled for supplies!


In the school house. Hands up!

Storming the city!

Storming the city!

Water fight!

Water fight!

Although our team was not present for the full bridge construction, we made great headway in our time there. On top of that, we assisted in teaching the community about safe practices before and during construction. The bridge was officially completed mid-September, and an inauguration ceremony was held for the opening of the bridge!


Our sponsor banner.


The bridge’s plaque of completion!


The opening ribbon cut. The bridge is done!

Since our team’s return, our new travel team has been hard at work training and preparing for our 2016 build. The team is made up of both experienced and new members this year, and they hit the ground running, attending workshops on how to design a bridge, the different aspects of location, materials, and equipment, as well as safety and how to use equipment during the build.

Our team was also invited to speak at the 2015 Engineering Without Borders Conference. Our members Marc, Kathy, and Marianne spoke about our team and the work we have done since our chapter’s inception in 2013.


The UW B2P Chapter is excited to get started on the new year! We’re anticipating our new community assignment (which will be announced as soon as we get word on it), and we’re hoping to run some awesome fundraisers this year. We will also be working a lot more on our social media presence this year, so check back throughout the next few months to learn more about who we are, what we’re doing, and where we’ll be going next!


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